Customized Training Programs

From customized workshops to phased interventions in classroom or outdoor setting, to carefully structured Executive Development Programs; Di CUBE offers a comprehensive range of learning solutions and service to make your business strategies happen.

Whether you need competency enhancement for a large group of people or you need multiple team specific initiatives, Di CUBE is in a position to design and deliver result oriented bespoke customized learning programs. Our robust methodology coupled with the strength, agility and spirit as an organization, enables us to deliver exceptional value to our clients.

Our Services Include:

Entrepreneur Coaching

Successful companies can only grow if the Head / Owner of the company are equipped with required knowledge & skills. Our experienced coaches work with the organization’s Head / Owner on a one-to-one basis / in group to unlock their true potential and maximize performance in current and future situations thus ensuring growth for an individual but for an organization with multiple locations.

Sales Coaching

An organization’s Growth can be easily measured with the increased turnover every year & not just by the size of the company. A company may have best product but it can never be the leader if they have poor sales system. We at Di CUBE not only train your sales team but also monitor their daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly & yearly activities; this will help to bridge the gap in the sales system hence getting more sales from your team and generating more revenues for your organization. We are sure everyone would like to grab such opportunity (including you).

Skills Training

A significant volume of our training is focused on skill building in various areas like selling skills, customer service, communication skills, supervisory skills, leadership skills, thinking skills, managerial skills etc...

Attitude/Behavior Training

Employee attitude plays significant role in performance-related issue of companies, both large and small. Though Skills are important, but they are not the only element required for professional success. If a person’s attitude, behavioral style or values are not in lines with the business goals, more skills or knowledge training will not lead to desirable results. Hence, Di CUBE design and delivers powerful training programs aimed at bringing the desired change with respect to attitude and/or behavior of people.

Leadership Readiness Programs

Many top-class organizations today have a Leadership Readiness programs in their organization, in order to equip their employees to take on the challenges of their roles. Given a choice, an organization would definitely want to make sure that the employee has the desired knowledge, skills & attitude before he or she moves into a particular role/position. Therefore, Following a structured training process, we at Di CUBE map out the training and development needs of an individuals as per their roles and learning initiatives are structured around those.

Outdoor & Adventure Based Training

Outdoor training is an extremely effective medium for human development. Di CUBE ensures that people give 100% participation in the outdoor-based activity, thus providing learning opportunities to enhance organizational change via personnel and team learning. Di CUBE has a plethora of activities to choose from, ranging from adventurous white water rafting, rappelling, valley crossing, mountain climbing etc. to relatively simple mock volleyball and many more team building and leadership development activities. Each of the activities is sensitively engineered to create interest and challenge for all participants regardless of physical strength.

Audio & Video Based Training

The training involves active use of audio-visuals. The training program centers around audio visuals that are exclusively developed for the client by Di CUBE. Audio visual material arouses learner’s interest and also helps instructor to present his teaching more clearly and effectively. Video based training can cover the entire spectrum of advanced training ranging from soft skills training to knowledge based training to behavioral training.

Personality Development Programs

Di CUBE is providing Personality Development Programs to enhance the soft skills and grooming skills of India’s youth. These include programs on Communication Skills, Presentation Skills, Transition from College to Workplace, Resume writing, Group Discussions, Self-Management & Motivation, and Interviewing skills. We have designed these programs based on our experience of what our corporate clients are looking for when they are interviewing students from Bachelor’s and Master’s programs.