Sales Champion

In today's, increasing global cut throat market and stiff competition, to get a biggest market share along with a great product, you also need a great sales man to sell it. You may feel that, your sales executive hates (or doesn't like) to sell, but wants to attract more prospects and develop a thriving, self sustaining practice.

But let me tell you “A great sales man can’t be found in a market, he has to be made… “

Now, you can learn with an expert, and be Master of Sales. At Di CUBE, we teach you step by step sales and prospecting strategy, a daily process in place for continually attracting new qualified prospects and turning them into clients. We are someone who is still in the trenches, doing what you are doing every day and focusing on attracting more customers in less time. How much more successful would you be, if you had a person you trust in your corner whenever you need them; coaching you to achieve bigger goals?

We conduct a workshop for 7 days, consisting:

  • 3 days of Professional Selling Skills
  • 2 days of Objection Handling
  • 2 days of Industry Specific Role Play

A thorough training will be given, which will make sure the targets are achieved from day 1…
Even a Ferrari or any other high performance car needs a tune up to continually operate at peak performance.

Devangg Karia will train you so well that you will be closing more sales, maximizing the productivity of your staff, communicating with customers, effectively managing your time, defusing the fear of cold calling, strategic planning, or prospecting for new customers.

Thus you will be able to benefit by:

  • Exceed your sales goals and close more sales in less time
  • You will be honored by getting certificate for participation.
  • Get the most out of your staff by building and coaching a high performance, self motivated team.
  • Discover how to eliminate the fear of rejections and objections, so that you can remain upbeat and positive, handle rejection like a pro and become unstoppable!
  • Maintain your focus, reduce distractions and reach bigger, more rewarding goals quickly.
  • Create a step-by-step selling, prospecting and follow up system that runs on autopilot.
  • Boost your self-confidence and take charge of your life.
  • Identify and eliminate the selling headaches and most common selling mistakes that EVERY salesperson make, that are costing you sales is time and energy.

Who can participate:

Whether you´re in sales or sales management, this program is designed to improve your closing ratio, increase your market share, and ultimately drive improved customer satisfaction. Invest in your most important asset, the people who drive your sales machine.

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