IPL (Identification of Problem & Limitation for the Growth of the Organization)

Di CUBE plays the role of the “Analyst” that will help any of the organizations to indentify the Problems & Limitations. The report will help the organization to break old thoughts and paradigms and achieve their business objectives.

Our Analysts will be meeting the key people within the organization to understand their strengths, challenges and their dreams for the future.

The objectives of this study are:-

  • To understand the organization’s goals.
  • To understand the organization’s role and identify the loopholes hindering the growth of company
  • To understand the changing relationships between the Senior Management and the experienced senior staff.
  • To identity gaps within their working pattern and set well formed outcomes accordingly.
  • To be aware of the different processes practiced across the organization and the existing communication patterns.

The Analyst will evaluate and rate the Knowledge, Attitude, Skills, Habits and Strategies required for the successful execution of the job of the specific people. After the Analysis, the Analyst will sit along with the management of Di CUBE & together we will chalk down the plan of action to get the organization to move ahead for the desired achievement of the goals.

Di CUBE Analysts will draft the report along with the suggested solution based on Analysis of the organization & the discussion by the management. The suggested solution is a comprehensive document giving complete details of the certain systems & processes that, needs to be initiated and implemented and certain Coaching / Trainings that is essential for the growth of the organization & its measurable out-comes.