I Had A Dream!!!..

The one fact that seems to be unnerving to most of the organizations and individuals around the world is that 95% of organizations and individuals across the globe operate at 5% of their potential. Why is it unnerving? Because down in their hearts they know that, they are capable of much more, but then they do nothing about it.

So, what makes the other 5% different?

We all have more potential than we realize. Yet, most of us live in an inner world where we place restrictions upon ourselves. These restrictions are due largely to our limiting beliefs and low self-expectation and they literally limit what we are able to do.

Henry ford once said,
“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty.”

Now our own Amitabh Bachchan Says…
“Agar Sikhna Bandh to Jeetna Bandh”

Just take a moment, give the above line a thought… and analyze… and I am sure like many of us, you too would embark upon this journey called, “Self- Introspection.” Isn’t it funny that most of us, irrespective of our age refuse to accept the fact that no matter how successful we are, in reality we are all under learned?

The concept of the Yearn, Learn & Earn is what we must all strive for and one such solution to push ourselves towards living a complete progressive life.

You will also be able to find out about yourself…

  1. Am I REALLY earning as per my POTENTIAL?
  2. Am I really exploring my true capabilities?
  3. Am I truly living the life that I always wanted to live?
  4. Is my family really happy with my attitude?
  5. Do my family / staff respect me or love me?
  6. Are you doing the Right Thing or are you doing Things Right?
  7. Why is it that sometimes, people appear to have the skills to do a job but they fail to do it as well as you feel they can or should have done it?
  8. Why is it that you spent hours showing someone how to do a job but they still fail to do it how you wanted it done?
  9. Why is it that you often end up doing the job yourselves because you feel it will be quicker that way?

When you ask these questions to yourself, you will find it difficult to get a convincing answer to each question. I can assure you that you will be able to take back the answers of all the above questions that will really help you in the future for sure.

In the first 3 to 5 years of commencement of the organization, every Entrepreneur / Partners / Directors have following dreams

  1. From one man show to a TEAM BASED organization.
  2. From REVENUE-BASED organization to a RELATIONSHIP-BASED organization.
  3. From AGRESSIVE selling to PERSUASIVE selling.
  4. From SALES-ORIENTED organization to SERVICE-ORIENTED organization.
  5. From an EFFICIENT organization to EFFECTIVE organization.
  6. From a TARGET based organization to VALUE based organization.
  7. From DESIGNATION based organization to a RESULT based organization.
  8. From only SALES focused organization to ALL round focused organization.
  9. From a PEOPLE based organization to a SYSTEM based organization.

The fact that you are making money does not really mean that you have reached the zenith of your success. As per current scenario, we have observed that Most of the Entrepreneurs spend 80% of their time in business however gets only 20% of the returns. Hence the sentence called “I have a Dream” becomes “I Had a Dream” and they struggle to survive or they are just sustaining. This program will not only help you to revisit your dreams but also guide you how to live your dreams & achieve them as well. Don’t you wish to know the secret of achieving your dreams?

You will also be able to recognize the different but Simple Ways of How to Enjoy Entrepreneurship

Who will benefit from this program?

Absolutely anyone who feels that life has more to offer than they currently experience. Anyone who feels stuck, knowing that there are options, there are solutions to life's problems but for some reason, they cannot see them. Quite simply, anyone who wants to achieve more, whether it is in their professional or personal life.

I therefore feel and strongly suggest that an Intelligent, progressive and a success minded entrepreneur like your good self must enroll for this interactive yet dynamic program to understand how simply you can “ENJOY the Designation of ENTREPRENEURSHIP”