E.N.J.O.Y… Entrepreneurship

The biggest challenge to build a successful entrepreneurial venture is growing or scaling up. Entrepreneurs must build a strong team, which will help the smooth flow of daily routine as well as grab opportunities to grow through right people. Right people ensure profitable growth as they tackle, other pressing issues like staffing, infrastructure, and financing. In this E.N.J.O.Y…Entrepreneurship course, you will learn how to acquire customers, use selling skills in different contexts, tell powerful stories, manage the entrepreneurial sales process, and use the key tools required for success.
The course will combine the following elements to create a powerful learning experience for you:

  • Models: Conceptual description of critical self growth & business growth concepts.
  • Role Plays: Experiential exhibitions to emphasize class concepts. These include vision & mission of an organization, strategic growth, delegation, time management, stress management, leadership & finance management.
  • Discussion: Based on reading, cases, and your experience, the class will dialogue through issues and concepts.

Learning Objectives

You will be able to:

  • Understand the key phases of the Entrepreneurial Growth Process
  • Identify the most common failure points in an Entrepreneurial Growth Process
  • Lead the people to grow the organization
  • Enjoy your Personal & Professional Time (Balance your personal & professional life)

Overarching Goal

My goal with this course is, to make you smart and efficient in growing your Establishment to Enterprise so that when you are spending time, not a moment is wasted. Why? Because as an entrepreneur, the way you spend your time determines success and failure.

Eligibility Criteria

Any Entrepreneur (Proprietor, Partner, Director (Managing /Executive), Chairman who aspires to grow, and also desire to Efficiently Nurture the Joy of Your Entrepreneurship can join this program.

Course Structure

  • 9 full day Sessions (once in 45 days)
  • It’s a One year Course

9 Analysis Meeting with Analyst – once between 2 sessions

Contact: +91 96199 11139
E-Mail: dicube@outlook.com