Di CUBE’s consulting solutions are aimed towards helping clients translate their business strategy to results.

IPL (Identification of Problems & Limitation)

We use a comprehensive IPL process to identify the gaps between people competencies that exist within the organization and those required for achieving desired business results.

Internal Training Partners

We have monitored various organizations in designing and implementing a robust and long term training strategy through setting up internal training competencies and processes. This approach ensures that the organization not only develops internal skills, processes and completely tailor made content required to impart result oriented training year after year but also makes the entire training extremely cost effective.

Training Implementation Support (TIS)

We aid organizations in setting up systems and processes to ensure and measure effectiveness of training, so that you get the most out of your training investment. Di CUBE helps in not just capturing the learning from the various training programs but also in putting together a process by which the organization can monitor the implementation of learning. For organizations, whose concern is to measure the effectiveness of the training programs over a period of time, so that the training process can be improved accordingly over time. We have processes for Impact Assessment. We go a step further by offering training implementation support by taking care of all pre and post training requirements.